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We love to meet people who want to share their love of animals, kink, food, and art. Drop us a line via our facebook pages above!

Animal Lovers

We exist on donations and contributions to help out a small but life change program for the animals. Pet food donations always welcome. We are also a pet friendly visit spot, so if youre bringing a pet. It must have current rabies shot, be fixed, and a current pet license from your area. (of course small animals in cages, exotic animals,  reptiles, etc)  are different. Please inquire about your situation. So plan yer pets your perfect day. WOOF!


-art talks

-art lessons (free w/ pet food donation, all ages) We are a disabled household, so we try and promote the love of the arts as therapudic exploration.

-BDSM advisement

-Food design for all occasions

-Overnight full slave training and another room for contributors (private)

-Membership is necessary for all.. Just inquire

-Non smoking inside

-Private parking

-Personal Lifestyle Consultant (My slave husband georgie has just been promoted) for your sightseeing, dog walking, directions, and small errands.

-luxury pet linens in room.

-Fully equipped Dungeon

-Personal Menu detail

-Lots of Southern punk fun!

Make a difference in an animals world.

WhipGirl's Army Arts, Private animal food bank, BDSM Enthusiast, Consensual slave owner 24 years and counting. Follower of the Light. ///

Alternative lifestyle visits, BDSM style.  members/contribitors only.

For simple info-just call. Appts Only.

Other sites about The HeadMistress & Studio and Stay

 (Blasphemy Fetish Parties 4 Charity)

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